JCIP: Gaining Tactical Insights

By Connecting Data and

Human Expertise

The Joint Collaboration Information Platform (JCIP) is an integrated system of advanced human analytics with adaptable cutting-edge tech that enables fusion, collaboration and an understanding of complex environments.  JCIP is a powerful solution with the matchless ability to gain critical insight through connected data. Using a support team of subject matter experts, these tools feed into human-based analytical output resulting in a final product tailored to your needs. This final intelligence product results from comprehensive collection, processing, integration, evaluation, analysis and interpretation. JCIP gives users that capability right out of the box.

Advanced Human


Auto-tagging, Entity Extraction, Routing, and Data Fusion

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Cognitive-Powered Insights

Geospatial Analytics and Network/Link Analysis


Collaboration for Increased

Situational Awareness

The Joint Collaboration Information Platform (JCIP) is a modular and highly customizable data fusion platform that can be used for all kinds of use cases, including visualization of the Common Operating Picture (COP) or Common Intelligence Picture (CIP). JCIP seeks to provide a rich analytics environment optimized for joint collaboration and effective for all echelons, from the tactical edge to the strategic core.







JCIP combines finished intelligence and requests for information – with various collaboration, knowledge management, geo mapping, analytics, cognitive automation technology, OSINT and other feeds – into a single portal that integrates with your own existing systems and technology investments. 

Cognitive Computing Tools Meet Advanced Analytics

Advanced visualization including geolocation views & maps
Collaboration and communities of interest
Cognitive automation to streamline cycle times and significantly reduce manual workloads
Expert finder tools to locate subject matter experts or domain experts
Workflow tools that automate business processes
Content management and knowledge management
Briefcases for sharing results
"Watched searches" with alert notifications

Cognitive Computing Tools Meet Advanced Human Analytics




​Surface disparate information and build a single cohesive intelligence picture


​Strengthen insight and understanding of complex intelligence information


​Unify analysis findings to drive informed and effective operational decision making


​Visualize connections between multi-dimensional datasets and enable new ways to interpret data through maps, dashboards, and other rich graphical representations


​Leverage intelligence data that already resides in your organization but can now be published to a larger audience


​Streamline and accelerate daily processes, transactions, and tasks using cognitive computing while leveraging existing systems and data


​Automate business processes and decision making


Standardize processes across geographies and lines of business


​Monitor key business events and initiate actions when events surface


Provide real-time visibility and process control



Understand the complex environment using the “Human Ecosystem” approach giving staff and Commanders the ability to precisely identify the 2nd and 3rd order of effects (OOE) of each action


Rapidly piece together finished intelligence into a single cohesive intelligence picture with geo mapping, heat maps, and baseball card style reports

Advanced search capabilities with dynamic facets, drill down, and export/sharing capabilities

Identify key people, events, connections and patterns that might otherwise be missed

Automated request for information engine to speed time to respond

Personalize content to individuals or groups of people so that they see only what they are authorized to see and/or what’s relevant to them

Cognitive computing tools to provide 24/7 ‘virtual research assistants’

Mobile-ready platform with ability to consume content across various devices

Streamline and manage requests for information with modern workflow and routing tools

Enrich content searching and retrieval from a wide range of data sources​​

Minimize the need for content administrators by automating content ingestion with auto-tagging capabilities


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Our solutions help Government agencies to merge different data sources and draw analytical insights to make that data actionable. i3solutions focuses, streamlines and automates key processes; promotes and enables team collaboration; and aggregates, organizes and reveals enterprise knowledge to dramatically change the way agencies work every day.

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